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EUR 4. Super klein super Leistung. EUR 3. Modell: BigBen 1. Hierbei handelt es sich um ein Mikrofonsystem mit passender PC-Steckkarte. MPN See more like this. Gebraucht, funktionierte bis zum Ausbau. Steckplatz: PCI. Karte habe ich nicht getestet. Elektronische Bauteile werden entsprechend gekennzeichnet um eine Verwechslung bei einer evtl. Auf dem zweiten Bild ist der Adapter nicht zu sehen. Then turn them into creative movies you can enjoy on DVD, the web and popular devices. This is the older version and works with XP or Vista. EUR 2. Zustand: Gebraucht.

Funktion nicht getestet da keine geeignete Hardware. PCI 64 Bit Steckplatz. EUR 1. Capturadora Editora. Movie Board Ultimate Collection 14 Pci. New, never used Functional Condition not always free to these locations. Doesn't get any simpler than that. Pulled from a working system. Card only. Wood filler is also known as wood putty and less commonly as wood patch. It is one of those products that is always. Dempsey Woodworking - How to make a King Size bed. Description: length: width: thickness: suggested basic material, comments: 1: headboard centre post.

If you take a close look at any prefinished wood flooring, right out of the box you will see that it has been filled. There are many different types of wood floor fillers; some are designed for general application where others are more specific. Fill in the hole smooth with finger, let dry, and touch up with paint. This shapely legged, little table started out its life as a ladies vanity with a mirror and matching stool. By the time it found itself in my clutches, it was. Some wood floor finishing projects are unique, requiring a sanding process and tools specific for that job.

The majority of wood floors can sanded and finished using the same sanding process and tools. We refer to these floors as Typical, covering most new construction and residential resands. This page depicts the sanding and finishing methods that we use. The top of this page describes the changes that we made to our process when we started doing dustless wood floor finishing. Dustless does not mean no dust, just less. Before sanding, fill the floor with latex wood floor filler, Wood Wise or Zar.

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It's good to have the wood floor installers fill the floor right after installation. The edges can be sanded before, during and after using the Hummel. Note that the dust bag has been removed from the edger and the edger has a hose attaching it to a Cyclone vacuum system sitting outside. The corners can be scraped anytime after edging and before hand sanding Inspected and filling the floor for a second time.

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Any newly applied filler needs to dry and be sanded with a Fein hand sander, attached to the Cyclone vacuum system. Sand the floor with the Trio using 60 grit, 80 grit and grit sanding disks. An alternate method is to sand the body of the floor with the belt sander twice, first with 50 grit and then with 80 grit. Using this method only requires one sanding with the trio using grit disks. Hand sand, using a Fein random orbit sander with 80 or grit sand paper, along all walls and anywhere the Trio couldn't get.

The floor is ready to vacuum and stain. Good light is preferable when sanding wood floors, so get an early start. Inspect the floor carefully, pull out or counter-sink any protruding nails, cleats or staples. On rare occasions it is necessary to use grit or grit sand paper to do the first cut to a wood floor. Usually we do the first cut with 50 grit paper. There are 3 types of floor sanders, volt belt sanders, volt drum sanders and volt tilt drum sanders.

The latter is the type that most tool rentals carry.

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The belts and drums of most floor sanding machines are pitched to create a cutting edge and a feathering edge. You will start sanding with the feathering edge toward a wall and the cutting edge toward the center of the floor. The pitch of a floor sander can be changed and adjusted, most floor sanders are set to cut from right to left. After completing the first sanding operation with the drum or belt sander, use an edger to sand along the perimeter of the floor and any other areas the drum or belt sander did not reach.

Use grit sanding disks, in most cases you only need to edge the floor once. When sanding new floors the shoe molding should not be installed until after the floor is finished. When sanding a previously finished floor, it's often advisable to remove all or some of the shoe molding prier to sanding. With experience and a well-tuned edger it is possible to leave the shoe molding in place and sand up to it. During or after the floor is edge sanded it's time to fill the floor. General filling of nail holes, gaps, gouges, blemishes, cracks, etc.

ZAR is a latex filler that is oak colored, easy to sand and will take a stain. ZAR can be thinned with water and dries quickly. ZAR will shrink when it dries, so large voids will need to be filled twice, allow drying time between applications. Once the floor has been completely filled and the filler has dried thoroughly its time to do the second cut to the floor.

This cut, sand, is basically the same as the first. The only difference is the grit of the sandpaper or sanding-belt. We use grit sanding-belts to cut the floor for the second time. Since the first cut of the floor got the floor level and smooth, the purpose of this second cut is mostly to remove the latex floor filler and the scratches produced by the first.

Then next step in wood floor sanding is hand scraping. Scraping is necessary to prepare the floor in all of the small areas that an 8 inch edger disk can not reach, such as: inside corners, around door casings and jambs, up to cabinet kick plates, next to and behind toilets, around sink pedestals and the sloping surfaces of reducers. Although the body of the floor and the edges of the floor were sanded with the same grit sandpaper, the edges are slicker. The edger cuts across the grain producing a surface that is more polished than the area sanded with the drum or belt sander.

Also the edger will leave sander marks in the floor that do not go with the direction of the grain. Staining the floor in this condition will produce a floor that has a lighter color around the walls that is loaded with dark little arced scratches. To remove the arced scratches and to produce a surface texture that is more similar to the main body of the floor it is necessary to do some hand sanding with grit paper. By hand sanding I mean a powereful electric vibrating sander.

Sand all areas that have been edged or scraped. Okay, it's all down hill from here.

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The third and final cut to the floor is done with a grit, grit or grit sanding screen. Put the sanding screen on the floor, lay a 3M white, red or maroon pad on top of it and set a plastic or wire bristle buffer head on top of that. Using a heavy floor buffer running at low to medium speed, buff the floor overlapping each path by 50 percent. This will smooth out the wood floor surface while leaving enough tooth for the finish to grab. Vacuum the floor using a clean or new vacuum filter. Start out by running the vacuum hose or wand, with the vacuum head remover, along the baseboard or shoe molding.

If your wand is metal apply masking tape onto the outer edge to avoid metal marks on the raw floor or baseboard. Attach the vacuum head and clean the balance of the floor. Make sure that your vacuum head has either soft bristle or felt bottom edger to avoid scratches or metal marks on the floor.

At this point the old timers will want to tack clean the floor with a paint thinner soaked towel wrapped around a push broom. We don't do it, its unnecessary. Now were ready for an oil-based penetrating stain. How to STAIN After the stain dries, or if the floor is to be natural, it's time to apply the first coat of polyurethane. The edges are coated first using a wide brush. As long as the stain is not moving, it doesn't matter how the polyurethane is applied as long as its eventually stroked with the grain direction and coated fare enough out into the floor to allow the lambs wool applicator to not touch the baseboard.

The balance of the floor must be coated while the edges are still wet. Slow down the coating of the edges as needed. Pour small amounts of oil-based polyurethane onto the floor and distribute it evenly using a natural lamb's wool applicator.

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Keep a sharp eye out for drips, heavy spots and skippers. Imperfections can be touched up before the polyurethane begins to tack dry by walking out onto the wet floor. After this coat has dried for 48 hours a second coat can be applied. Hello , This might be a very quick fix because I'm not very good with computers but I can not get my printer to become wireless using the router I use with my computer. Thank you!!

Can you get into the settings of the router and check which security type you are using? You listed those it supports but you can only choose one. If its WEP, I highly recommend against it. It is not secure and can cause connectivity problems. You can access your router's settings by going typing Is well known two applications can not access the same video source, at least in Windows, but, for example, multiple flash players can do it running in the same browser. Would be really great Flash Media Live Encoder running multiple instances be able to use the same video source.

Sometimes we need the same video source to be taken with different audios translations and we need to use a software video splitter or two video capture cards, would be easier if Flash Media Live encoder could do it natively. Have you had success? Thanks so much for any insight. The problem is that, I can successfully stream the video but not audio.

I also tried to run my app as a Scheduled task under a different user than the one I use for Remote Desktop, but it fails for the audio. I have the following configuration:. So I had removed all audio devices, reinstalling and configuring each one of them. Now FMLE shows me no inputs at all! So please fix this problem, FMLE is obviously not finding audio devices where it's supposed to be looking and that it was able to "find" my G35 in the first place was just coincidence at best.

Has anyone used this combination of components together? It seems, looking on this forum now, that a lot of people are complaining about FMLE's compatibility with Blackmagic on a Mac - which is a bit of a pain considering what I've invested. I've tried framerates, key frame rates, bitrates etc. Any other ideas?

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If we can't fix this issue, then we're going to start having to look at alternative encoders. Flickers once and givers error message "cannot decode". From online docs, what I understood that there are some particular settings for which the H. I tried may pemutations, but didnt work. Can anyone suggest the ideal settings?


Using FMLE with blackmagic design intensity pro on windows 7 professional with p60 input, I am unable to adjust framerate from the default input value. The output framerate remains unchanged irrespective of the framerate we request from FMLE. Instead, the bitrate doubles up if we try to reduce the bitrate to half. But in this case, I receive this message: "Unknown Error Occured. Device may be already in use or not working". If I continue anyway and change Input size by x, this message appear: "Problem with video capture device.

Please verify that the video capture device is working correctly and is not already in use".